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Hotel HR Planning

Hotel HR Planning is necessary to ensure that the right number and the right kind of people are available to the right:

  • Time,
  • Place,
  • Position

to do the job profitable.

Steps to Hotel HR Planning:

  • Human Resources Rating
  • Predicting demand
  • Anticipating needs satisfaction
  • Matching demand satisfaction needs &
  • Action Plan


hotel HR planning

The solution is based on basic functions and which aims are:

  • Hotel identifier (e.g., 1 waiter / 20 blanket, 1 housekeeper / 5 rooms).
  • Plan per department (F&B, Kitchen, House Keeping etc.).
  • Pre-costing HR per day / department.
  • Shifts (free, wavy, overtime, holidays, night).
  • Monitoring working hours, days off per employee.
  • Attendance form – work plan (by department / per employee).
  • Basic Reporting Budget vs. Planned, Budget vs Actual hours and cost.
  • Payroll Update with Actuals.


Some of the most important advantages of the use of Hotel HR Planning solution are:

  • Eliminating surprises
  • Normalization of turnover
  • Identifying problems early
  • Prevention and avoidance of problems

Proper workforce planning has multiple effects on a company:

  • The most important concerns the internal costs that are directly measurable,
  • The use of staff in the right places, and
  • Finally, best customer service, which may not be directly measurable, but shape hotel image on a global audience.