Enterprise Content Management

Hyland Software Inc., a market leader in ECM, builds intelligent capture, content management, process management, enterprise search and integration products that connect the unstructured printed and digital information across enterprises with the processes, applications and people who need it most.

The Saperion ECM by Hyland platform can integrate with your existing environment (Email, ERP solution), extend to mobile devices and be made available on premises or in the cloud.

Saperion ECM Suite

Organizing documents – and keeping them that way – is as much an art as a science. Proper organization requires transparent access across multiple departments, ensuring that all relevant information can be accessed quickly from within a wide variety of applications. Saperion ECM Suite gives you the tools you need to establish an enterprise-wide information platform.

It supports the entire lifecycle of your business-critical documents. Electronic records, integration into your existing applications, and revision-proof archiving create the conditions you need to concentrate on your core activities. Simply put, your documents will be ready where and when you need them.

What ECM means for your company

  • A revision-proof archive
  • A centralized platform for enterprise-wide document management
  • A system for electronic records management
  • Process-based workflow


Saperion ECM Workflow Suite

Companies that wish to optimize, streamline, and accelerate their business processes and ultimately boost their productivity must do more than simply document and understand their core processes. They must also implement, automate, and ultimately control and adapt their core business processes. Saperion ECM Workflow Suite supports a comprehensive view of business-critical processes. It does much more than just automate processes. It enables joint modeling and documentation of processes and even lets you evaluate, analyze, and simulate a variety of business scenarios.

Saperion ECM Compliance Suite

Digitizing paper-based processes has many advantages. However, it is also essential that archived documents are protected from revisions in order to preserve their evidentiary value. Saperion ECM Compliance Suite builds on Saperion ECM Suite with additional functions for systematically managing document-based records. The Compliance Suite handles retention deadlines and legal holds, electronic signatures, and document encryption.

Enterprise Search

Every day, we struggle to manage an enormous flood of data. To make matters worse, the information that we work with is often located in several different systems with a variety meta-data, making it difficult to perform a comprehensive search across multiple systems. For an organization to operate effectively, employees must have the ability to quickly and easily access the information they need.

Enterprise Search enables rapid, context-based navigation through large and complex stores of data located throughout your company, giving you the power to quickly find the information you need. This high-performance solution enables the exchange of large volumes of information by rapidly retrieving relevant data from throughout the entire enterprise.


Your benefits at a glance:

Supports compliance with legal regulations and internal rules.

Capture hundreds or thousands of documents daily at both remote offices and centralized locations.

Organizing documents into structured records, makes information management more transparent.

Automates repetitive tasks and rules-based decisions

Routes documents and exceptions to the right people

Manages complex approval processes easily

Document encryption adds another layer of protection against misuse of data

Quick and easy access to enterprise information

One single entry point enables complete search of any repository of information in the organization

View results in high definition, retaining original fonts, tables, layouts and imagery

Easy handling – intuitive user interface is similar to known web browser interfaces

Search is available on mobile devices

Increase user productivity by eliminating application switching and automating manual tasks

Reduce costs and minimize risks

There are tools available for signing documents electronically. Handwritten signatures and Digital signatures

Industry Solutions

Step One offers a variety of vertical solutions for a wide range of businesses:

Saperion ECM Suite for SAP & Accounts Payable flows

Saperion ECM Suite for SAP & Accounts Payable flows

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Email Lifecycle Management (ELM) for Shipping Organizations

Email Lifecycle Management (ELM) for Shipping Organizations

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